In the Garden Christian Blog

                                                                    Welcome to the Garden of the Lord

     The purpose of this Blog is to share the Love of the Lord Jesus through scripture, poetry, and love letters to and from Yeshua, the Lord Jesus Christ.

     Excerpt from my book "The Secret Place-The Garden of the Lord"- Chapter 1
     "Everything about Yeshua Adoni was all I had been looking for. True peace exuded out of Him. There was such a glow, such an overwhelming radiance that came from within Him. All I could say to Him was simply "Yes!". Without even a thought, I just started speaking, "Yes, I do believe in You and I will put my trust in You. I do choose to call on Your name, Yeshua. I do repent, O Prince of Peace and love of my heart, of all my sins...."
     "His word was comfort to me as He said, "I will live in your heart and provide you with everything you need. I will take care of you as a shepherd takes care of his sheep. I stand in My Father's authority to tell you that you are forgiven of your sins...."

Come to the Garden of the Lord and find real Love. Find the Mystery of Yeshua Adoni (Jesus) and find the true love of your life. Yeshua is the true "Knight in Shining Armor". Dive deep into the waters of His love. Come and swim in the pool of the Waters of Life. Yeshua is our Living Waters. Yeshua will pour out the River of Love to all who will come and drink.