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     "The Secret Place-The Garden of Love"
                    by Constance Parks
This is a book about true love. Come and meet Yeshua Adoni, your "Knight in Shining Armor". Yeshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus, is calling you, "Come away with me, my Beloved".​​
    If you are someone who has been "looking for love in all the wrong places" as the old song says, then you must read "The Secret Place"    

  Chapter 18        The Bride
      Soon after, the final time came that my beloved Yeshua, my Savior, called me. This time I found myself in His chariot of fire. He had sent His angel for me, and His angel said to me, "The Lord beckons you, and you are to prepare for Him and to come into His palace today." The coach we traveled in was lined with deep red burgundy velvet. The color reminded me of the blood that He shed for me that restored my relationship back to the Father. The angel delivered me to the place of preparation, to make ready for the palace visit. I had my lamp lit with plenty of extra oil; ready for Him.
​     We arrived at the place of preparation, not very far away from the palace. Many women there came out to meet us...

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                 No Greater Love
               By Constance Parks
           A Love That Lasts Through Eternity
 Mariam, a young shepherd girl, meets Yeshua, a king from another kingdom. Yeshua shows her how to love. He heals her and sets her free to love those who her in the past. Mariam falls in love with him, but then finds out that He is no ordinary man. She asks herself, who is this man that has changed my life so much? Then because of His love for her and her love for Him she is able to overcome and be victorious in her journey through every trial that comes her way.
      ​                      Chapter  28
  During these times, I had several experiences with my Yeshua. One night while I was praying, Yeshua came to me in His coach of fire. He took me to a mountainside where there were other prayer warriors. When we stepped out of the coach, I realized that my feet were bare and I could feel the coolness of the moss under my feet. I peered around to see the other people who were standing there too. One was a friend named Diana. Yeshua began to address us saying, "I have come to give you warriors new names." Then He turned to me, and as He did, I glanced down at myself and I was covered in armor. This armor was light in weight and almost invisible. Yeshua said, "I have put on you all the armor of my Father. You are dressed in the armor of Light, for God is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all. Did I not say, 'You are the light of the world'?".......
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